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What we are about ……

For over thirty years James and the firm established by him have been delivering the highest levels of professional advice in a hands-on manner.

Throughout  this time of unprecedented economic stagnancy, booms and turmoil, the firm nurtured an enviable level of technical expertise and business acumen in chosen fields.

James and the team of professionals are  delighted to share their expertise and  insight .

Our advice ……

Our advice is always carefully considered, thoroughly researched and responsive to our clients’ individual  circumstances.

Above all, it is rooted in what we  know  from experience  actually works in optimising the  rewards for our distinguished clients.

We  pride ourselves in our independence and we value the esteem with which our clients holds us in this regard.





     …… and what we strive towards

We strive relentlessly towards excellence in everything we do. We engender a superior pride in our work and our clients’ successes.

Our unrelenting commitment to our clients’ prosperity and continuing accomplishments is underpinned by our own on-going professional development and training. This acquired skill-set is backed up by the extensive resources of  the professional bodies of which we are members.

Our clients’ success  and ours, one crossing….

Samuel Beckett Bridge @dusk

 Droichead Samuel Beckett,    Dublin ….contemporary in  style , yet conceptually traditional,   is an iconic fixture on the   Dublin landscape. The design is  inspired by the shape of a  harp, it  has a span of 120 meters ,   it stands 46 meters high and it  rotates by 90 degrees to facilitate maritime traffic on the river  Liffey. It opened in 2009. 

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